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Add Style and Function With a Tub Installation in Rhode Island

A tub installation in a Rhode Island home can add both style and function to your bathroom! Replacing an outdated tub with an updated model provides stunning visual interest. Today’s modern square bathtubs, oversized soaker tubs, and classic clawfoot models are all stylish and sleek. Rhode Island Bathroom Remodeling carries a full line of tub replacement options you’re sure to love!

A new bathtub installation in a half bath or powder room is an excellent choice for virtually any home. You’ll enjoy less stress during rushed mornings when you increase the number of tubs in your house! A first-floor tub is also an excellent option for aging parents. Not having to navigate the stairs for bath time means less risk of injury and a more comfortable bathing experience.

If your home’s bathtub is old and outdated, or you’re ready for a new tub altogether, give us a call. We’ll schedule a FREE consultation and price quote, and ensure all your questions are answered. To get started, use our contact form or give us a call today!

A modern standalone tub installation in Rhode Island.
A modern oval bathtub installation.

You Deserve a Stylish New Tub Installation in Your Home!

Never underestimate the importance of a new tub installation in RI for your home! A tub is often the centerpiece of a bathroom, which is why it should look as stunning as the rest of your space. A new square tub is an excellent choice for modern home styles, offering a minimalist look you’re sure to love.

For something a bit more classic, call us about a clawfoot tub. Standalone clawfoot tubs offer a rich luxury for any bathroom. Their deep design also allows you to soak in maximum comfort. Clawfoot tubs are available with a number of finished materials, including brass and classic ceramic.

Modern tubs in a flat, square design offer a more sleek appearance, perfectly complementing a minimalist style. Built-in tubs with surrounding tile blend perfectly with the rest of a bathroom, for a stately look. To find out more or to browse our catalog of designs, give us a call!

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A Tub Installation Is a Great Choice for Any Family

A new RI tub installation is a great choice for half baths or powder rooms. A full bathtub installation gives everyone more options for showering during the family’s morning rush! Another tub in the home can also allow you to soak after a long day without inconveniencing others.

A bathtub remodel or new tub is also an excellent choice for aging family members. You might add a tub to a first-floor bath so mom or day won’t need to manage stairs when it’s time to bathe. A walk-in tub is especially safe for those with arthritis, balance issues, or other such health concerns.

If your home’s bathrooms already have tubs but they’re severely scratched, etched, or otherwise unusable, ask us about a bathtub remodel. We can add fresh tile and other details that make a tub look like new! Whatever your needs for a more stylish, functional bath, our crew can get it done.

An updated bathtub installation in Rhode Island.
A classic clawfoot bathtub installation.

It’s Time for a Rhode Island Tub Installation!

Don’t put off a tub installation in Rhode Island another day! An updated tub is just what your bathroom space needs for added style. An oversized soaker tub or standalone modern tub allows you to relax in true spa-like luxury. Whirlpool jets, fast filling and draining, and other updated features also ensure a comfortable bathing experience.

If there just aren’t enough tubs in your home, our crew can install a new bathtub virtually anywhere. We can expand an existing bathroom, rework its footprint, or otherwise make space for a new tub altogether. You can enjoy a less stressful morning or evening routine with an added tub in your home!

Here at Rhode Island Bathroom Remodeling, we carry a wide range of tub styles, sure to fit your needs and budget. We can help you choose the best option for your bathroom as well. To find out more about how a new bathtub in RI can help your family, give us a call! We’ll schedule a no-cost, no-obligation consultation and get started on creating the bathroom space of your dreams.



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