Stunning, Stylish Bathroom Renovations in Rhode Island

For the Highest-Quality Bathroom Renovations in Rhode Island

There is no better way to add value and function to your home than with bathroom renovations in Rhode Island! An updated bathroom can mean extra room and dual sinks for shared spaces, accessible and roomy storage right where it’s needed, and a stylish finished look you’re sure to love.

A full-scale renovation is an excellent choice for outdated and downright dilapidated bathrooms that need more than a quick facelift. Renovations can tear down a bathroom to the wall studs and subflooring, and rebuild that space into a bathroom that works for you and your family. Your finished bath will be as stylish as it is functional.

If your home’s bathroom is outdated and dingy, don’t put the house on the market just yet! The crew here at Rhode Island Bathroom Remodeling can rework that space from the ground up, making needed structural repairs and then designing an end result that is beautiful to look at, while also offering all the details and features you need.

For more information or to get started with your needed renovation, give us a call today.

A new space after a bathroom renovation in Rhode Island.
Bathroom renovations in RI add value.

You Deserve a New Bathroom Renovation in Rhode Island

You deserve a new bathroom renovation in a Rhode Island home! There’s no need to put up with an outdated and downright ugly bathroom, and especially one with unsafe conditions including rotted floorboards, chipped countertops and tiles, and water damage.

A quality bathroom renovation ensures a beautiful space that is both beautiful and functional, and in good repair! Our crew can rework your home’s bathroom space, making needed fixes to wall studs and floorboards before creating a stunning finished design that fits your home’s décor and provides everything you need in the bath.

Bathroom remodels in Rhode Island can even increase home values, making your house more desirable to home buyers should you decide to put it on the market. You can then enjoy your new space now, while you’re in the home, and know that you can more readily sell it and for more profit, if you should decide to move! To find out more about the many benefits of a bathroom remodel, give us a call right now.

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Stop putting off needed bathroom renovations in Rhode Island! Old and outdated bathrooms are not only unsightly but they can also be downright unsafe:

  • Chipped floor and countertop tiles risk injuries while also letting water seep to a home’s subflooring, risking wood rot and other damage.
  • Damaged shower tiles also let water seep into the home’s framing, which can then rot, chip, and crack.
  • Mold also develops behind damaged shower and bathroom tile more easily, and then spread quickly, damaging your home’s framing and electrical components.

A full-scale bathroom renovation ensures a safe space in good repair. Your new bathroom can also include lots of accessible storage right where it’s needed.

Custom cabinets create room for everyone in the family while updated finished materials mean a stylish space you’ll love to use every day. To get started with your bathroom renovation, call us right now!

A new bathroom renovation in RI with dual showers.
A contractor installing new flooring during bathroom renovations in Rhode Island.

Why Choose the Crew Here at Rhode Island Bathroom Remodeling

With so many companies offering bathroom renovations in Rhode Island, why call the team here at Rhode Island Bathroom Remodeling? There are many reasons why we consider ourselves #1 in the industry and the best in the business!

  • We have over 20 years of experience, specializing in high-quality, affordable renovations for your home.
  • Our design team can work with you to create a stunning finished style you’re sure to love.
  • We carry only the highest-quality materials designed and built to last, in a wide range of colors and materials.
  • Our crew is as dedicated to outstanding customer service as we are to providing beautiful renovations.
  • Our long history of 5-star reviews from past clients tells you that we’ll get the job done right!
  • All work is fully guaranteed to last.

There’s no need to put off the stunning bathroom renovation you need to have done. For a gorgeous space that works for everyone in the family and that you’ll be happy to use every day, call the pros here at Rhode Island Bathroom Remodeling today.



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"Rhode Island Bathroom Remodeling went above and beyond to give us the complete bathroom remodel from floor to ceiling we've been dreaming about! We couldn't be happier"
- Susan Peterson

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Rhode Island Bathroom Remodeling is the company to call for all your RI renovation needs. We specialize in full-scale bathroom remodels but also offer countertop and cabinet replacement, and even same-day renovations. Whatever you need to ensure your home is as functional as it is stunning, give our crew a call.

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Enjoy the Beautiful Bathroom of Your Dreams!

You can enjoy that beautiful, spacious, spa-like bathroom you’ve always dreamed of by calling the experienced, caring pros at Rhode Island Bathroom Remodeling. Call us at (401) 208-0407
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