Are you searching for small bathroom design ideas for your home? Small spaces often present lots of challenges. One reason it’s hard to decorate small bathrooms is that they lack storage, so they often look cluttered. Two, even the tiniest design detail can look busy and overwhelming in a small bathroom!

To ensure your home’s small bathroom is as stylish as it is functional, check out some bathroom design ideas for 2022. You can incorporate these as needed into your space, for a bathroom you’ll love for many years to come!

Small Bath Design Ideas for 2022

When incorporating any of these ideas for your small bathroom, ensure you use the right materials! For example, never use anything but water-resistant paints and coatings for a bathroom. The right materials reduce the risk of water damage, mold, and other costly damage in the bathroom.

Ideas for adding storage in a small bathroom

  1. Don’t assume that you should install full-size shelves that might overwhelm the space. Instead, opt for tiny shelves along corners to hold smaller jars of supplies, washcloths, and the like.
  2. Cut out sections of the wall to create recessed shelves. Recessed shelving provides added storage without getting in the way of the bathroom’s footprint.
  3. Never overlook any spot you can use for storage in a small bathroom. For instance, you can install a shelf over the door or a window.
  4. If there is no room for shelving in your small bathroom, use hooks! Wall hooks provide a place to hang fresh towels and robes without creating a crowded space.
  5. A recessed medicine cabinet also supplies storage without getting in the way of the sink.

Ideas for making a small bathroom look larger

  1. Make your bathroom look taller by hanging your shower curtain higher than usual.
  2. You might already know that stripes create the illusion of size. Use this to your advantage in your small bathroom! Add horizontal stripes to make the room look longer or wider.
  3. Choose rectangular rather than square floor tiles. Install them in a pattern that adds length or width to the space.

How to make a small bathroom look brighter

  1. An oversized mirror adds lots of light and style to a small bathroom! Installing a bigger mirror is an easy way to enlarge a small bathroom without making it look crowded.
  2. Don’t settle for just one light fixture over the mirror. Instead, install a light over the shower and anywhere else you can, for a brighter appearance.
  3. Add lots of glass and metallic accents to the space, as these reflect light and keep the space bright and bold.

How to add bold style to a small bathroom

  1. Avoid overwhelming your small bathroom by choosing an accent wall. Add a bold color or wallpaper to this wall alone.
  2. Two-tone paint jobs are an excellent choice for adding style to a small space! Paint the lower half of your walls a strong color while leaving the upper halves neutral and light.
  3. Use the vanity as a place to add bold personality to your small bathroom. Paint it a strong color or add oversized hardware for some eye-catching style.
  4. Don’t underestimate the impact of rugs and linens in a small bathroom! Add style with a patterned area rug and bold towel colors. This is also an excellent choice for renters who can’t make permanent changes to the space!

Bold lighting adds style to a small bathroom design

How Do You Make a Small Bathroom Fancy?

There are two steps to making a small bathroom look fancy. First, remove anything outdated and dingy, and that makes the space look rundown and plain. Second, add some bold style without overwhelming the smaller footprint.

Remove anything that makes your bathroom plain

You can’t have a fancy bathroom if it’s full of plain, outdated, dingy materials and details. In turn, it’s vital that you remove unsightly rugs, linens, the shower curtain, and anything ugly from the bathroom counter! Remember, you can have a fancy bathroom if it’s weighed down by plain and downright ugly accessories.

How to add bold style to a small bathroom

To keep your new bold style from overwhelming the space, choose one area to add something eye-catching. This can be an accent wall you paint or wallpaper something stunning. For renters, create a gallery wall with oversized pictures or mirrors.

Once you’ve created that one accent space, add a touch more personality with accessories. Swap out the vanity’s old hardware with oversized pulls and hinges. Next, replace those dull linens and countertop accessories with something updated and stylish.

What Are the Bathroom Colors for 2022?

Wall colors became more important for many homeowners after the COVID-19 lockdowns! Apparently, being in the home more often throughout the day made people aware of how color affects mood. Also, homeowners now realize more than ever that color can make a space seem larger, more elegant, or more welcoming.

To that end, look for spa paint shades and color trends when renovating or updating your home’s bathroom. Teal blue or light sage green can make you feel like you’re at a high-end spa. Water tones such as ocean blue and aqua also add style without creating an overwhelming look.

cool gray color trends for bathrooms in 2022

What Is the New Trend in Bathrooms?

Along with earthy colors, today’s homeowners are incorporating soft, natural details to their home’s bathroom. This includes lots of rope baskets for storing linens, wood shelves, and live plants. Wood mirror frames and artwork hung from jute and other natural materials are also hot ticket items this year!

Above all, relaxing bathrooms are the hottest trend for 2022. Look for built-in spa seating, rainwater showerheads, and space for lush linens. Even in a small bathroom, these simple touches can make the space welcoming and inviting and a joy to use!

Rhode Island Bathroom Remodeling is happy to bring this information about small bathroom design ideas to our readers. Hopefully you found it helpful and inspiring! If you’re ready for a change in your home, call our Rhode Island bathroom renovation contractors. We’ll work with you to create a bathroom design plan that fits your needs and budget. For more information, just give us a call!


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